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My Family Tree (Stubbs)

Father & Mother
Walter Ross Motz & Mary Mae Crone

Have discovered a big discrepancy in my heritage through research and DNA testing. It seems that my grandfather was not who I thought he was. In the 1910 federal census, my grandmother indicated that she had been married for 6 years (1904). My grandfather (Motz), who was in the Philippines at the time, indicated that he had been married for 2 years (1908). My father was born in 1906. You do the math!!! Also my DNA does not match a 1st cousin, which it should, and it does match another fellow, which it shouldn't, with the last name of Stubbs. We have not documented the actual connection but research is ongoing.

Heritage update 8-3-2008: Just received confirmation that my grandfather was in fact a Walter R. Stubbs, born in 1879 and was married to my grandmother in 1903. My father never knew or at least never mentioned it. Will provide additional data later.......

Available documents:
1. My ancestors: Ahnentafel Report (last update:2-18-2016)
(requires free Adobe Reader)
LINKS: Motz Family Tree DNA Project test results site and the DNA test site
Note: All genealogy data compiled with Family Tree Maker version 2012.

The Stubbs Coat of Arms from different parts of England
Coat of Arms


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