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New Shop Door (4-9-2012)

Because I am storing my scooter in the work shop, it is a hassle to open the doors push scooter outside then close doors. When I return I have to park outside open doors and push the scooter in and then close the doors again. A big pain in the rootie-cazootie!! I have decided to install an overhead garage door. This will enable me to open the door with the click of a button and drive on in.


The existing opening was 8'-6" wide. The standard opening is 8'. That calls for a modification to the opening!! Also because of the required space for the track, I had to notch out the corner of the railroad. The area above the door had to be cleared to make room for the door closer.

    4-25-2012 - I think all is ready... Now I have to wait till the 7th of May when the door is estimated to arrive. Wonder what can I work on while waiting... I know, I can go pull some more weed in the gardens. Lots of fun there...

5-2-2012 Door actually arrived on the 1st of May. Installation was a breeze. I think it looks a lot better...
New door

For Those Rainy Days Of Summer
    We recently made a trip to Victoria BC. While there we went to a small town called Duncan. There were totem poles all over the town. Below is a sample of what we saw. This inspired me to see if I could produce one myself, on a much smaller scale of course. If it turns out OK it would be great to put in the garden. After a lot of drawing I think I have an acceptable design for my personal totem (Below). Click here (X) for a large drawing of what it will look like.
    I have contacted several sources in the area who are looking for the proper cedar log to make the pole from. It will be about 7' tall and 11" in diameter.
I have Started to carve the wings while I wait for a suitable log to be found. The one on the left is only the design drawn with a magic marker. The left one has been carved. After I get both wings carved I will paint them
    4/4/2012 The carving is finished and have completed the painting and applied the wood preservative. Found an old pice of tree and mounted them just to see what they will look like. Now all I can do is wait until one of my contacts finds the proper log.
    4/8/2012 Hoddi and I have been discussing where to put the totem pole when I finish it. Hoddi suggested that I place it at the west end of my horseshoe pits using the tall green hedge for a backdrop. I think she is on to something. Below is the proposed location and a simulation of what it should look like.
Click here for a larger photo of the totem pole.
    10-1-2012 After coming home from Greece I sent out a note to my log suppliers to see if anything had been found. An 18" redwood log was available so I decided to go for it. Brought the log home (left photo) and proceeded to remove the bark, trim off the limb sockets, and do the basic rounding of the log with the chain saw.
    10-8-2012 After doing some more cleanup out side I unloaded the log into the shop to do some more rounding and trimming... Almost there, have the full size pattern ready and almost ready to start carving after a little more rounding.
    10-10-2012 All the smoothing and rounding is done and the side to be carved selected. I ran the chain saw down the back side to prevent the log from spliting down the front as it dries out. I have hoisted it up on to supports to get it off the floor and make it easier on my back when I start carving. Next thing is to transfer the pattern to the log and start carving.
    TOOLS: The tools that I will be using.
    10-13/20-2012 THE EAGLE: Have started the carving. Have completed the rough cut of the eagle's beak and the ears (1). I don't know why the native Americans put ears on an eagle but who am I to break with tradition? Have also transferred the pattern for the eyes just to see what it will look like (2). I think I will complete one figure at a time. This will leave me somewhere to sit as I work on the log. The eagle is almost finished except for some very small details (3). The wood is very wet and I must let the wood dry a bit to prevent it from tearing before I carve these.
    10-23-12 THE BEAR: Major carving is done on the eagle and have moved on to the bear. Basic shape of the head is done and have transferred the face pattern to the wood (1). Have to take a short break in my carving due to having eye surgery on the 25th. It is now the 5th of Nov., and I have the go ahead from my eye surgeon to continue my carving. Sure feels good to be back to work. Because the design of the bear wraps around the pole I must roll the totem onto it's side to complete the carving in that area. I have completed the major shaping of the bear's body and will next carve the face and sand the area (2). The bear is almost done. Again I must wait a while before I do the detail carving as the wood is very wet (3).
    11-13-2012 THE BEAVER: Have completed most of the pattern transfer except for the eyes and have started to carve the beaver body. Will transfer the eye pattern tomorrow (1). Just finished most of the beaver carving and will again have to roll the pole on the sides to complete them (2).
    12-2-2012 Well all the required wiring and other projects for the conversion to gas are complete. Have been adding the details to the 3 parts of the totem. It is pretty much finished except for the painting which must wait till the totem has dried out some more. It is still very wet.
    Well another year has come to a close. I was unable to complete the totem this year so I will start out 2013 with the continued saga of the totem pole.
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And we end another year