Dick Motz - Small Projects 2010
Projects 2013
Interior Door Upgrade Project

1-25-2013 We have been talking about changing out the old fake wood doors in the hallway for some nice paneled doors. I was in the process of doing this when Hoddi had an idea for the same area. At the end of the hall we have a linen closet with louvered doors on it. She suggested that I turn it into an ICON cabinet. This got my creative juices flowing so after sleeping on it I came up with a way to implement her idea. I started off with a search for a cabinet to put the linen in as I was not using the entire space for the Icons. Found exactly what I was looking for at IKEA. You can see the results below.
Door Project

Totem Pole Project (from 2012)
2-14-2013 Short delay, had to go back in today for some more eye surgery. Now I have to wait another 2 weeks before I can start in again!
I do finally have the new gas furnace, hot water tank, and the generator installed. The door project (above) is complete and I can now get back to painting the totem pole after my waiting period. It seems to be dry enough now because there are lots of cracks showing up as the wood dries.
2-28-2013 Have been released by the eye Dr. to return to work...YAAAAA!!! Have been able to get the first coat of paint on the totem.
Will give it a second coat and then work on the details.
Paint 1
3-18-2013 Have been able to finish the painting, cover the totem with wood preservative, and install it into the proposed location.
When I thought I was finished painting and was standing there looking at it and something did not look right.
Then I realized that the American Bald Eagle has a white head! Just had to make a modification to the proposal... much better.
Whirligig for top of windsock pole.
5-1-2013 I saw a lot of wind socks and other wind powered things from our trip to Seaside OR. I have a windsock pole close to the totem pole and I thought a set of ships and a light house would look great on top of the pole. 1st thing was to modify the top of the pole to provide a place to attach the new whirligig (1). The arms are made of copper 1/2 inch plumbing pipe but because they do not make a cross piece I had to make one (2).
Next was the fabrication of the lighthouse for the center (3 & 4)
Here is the finished project. When the wind blows the ships go round and round and round and round!!!
Plant Room Roof Redesign 7-1-13 to 7-14-13

7-2-2013 Demolition - Stage 1a A couple of years ago I had some uninvited guests take up residence on the roof of our plant room... RACOONS!!! There was an overhang from the main part of the house which made a great protected area “A”. They made themselves right at home and proceeded to use my roofing for nest material. Needless to say this caused the roof to leak. Sooooo, time to fix the problem. First I decided to cut back the overhang from the roof on both sides of roof next to the plant room about a foot and a half “B” and stage one is completed by removing the old roofing and tar paper as seen below. Also considering it is turned into a sort of green house in the winter, this is a good time to add another skylight for the plants.

7-2-2013 Demolition - Stage 1b.. I have removed all the old roof sheeting and now ready to remove the old rafters. I can only work half a day as the temperature has been in the 90s for the last few days and no cloud cover.
7-3-2013 Demolition - Stage 1c Removal of the rafters and side supports. Temporary install of a rafter to establish new roof line "A".
7-4-2013 Reconstruction - Stage 2a It is time for my lunch break and I have completed stage 1. What a great day to work on this project... Temperature is 61 degrees and overcast. Won't get too hot today! . I have completed the demolition and have started on the reconstruction. It is the first full day I have had to work on it so I was able to start at 7:00 am with quite stuff like pulling all the nails from the old rafters in order to reuse them. .All of the rafters are in place.
7-5-2013 Reconstruction - Stage 2b Well it is time for lunch again but I did complete stage 2b. The roof sheeting is all on. I must go to the supply center to get shingles and will start on that tomorrow. Getting close to the end...
7-6-2013 Reconstruction - Stage 2c Lunch time already? Time flies when you are having a good time!! Will not be able to install the shingles today. They had to special order them. For some strange reason no one carries white shingles any more. I was however able to install the under lament and the two skylight tunnels. I will put the insulation back on the underside this afternoon or tomorrow. At this point if it rains, I might a little damp around the edges but I will not drown!!!
7-7-2013 Reconstruction - Stage 2d I have to wait till Tuesday for the shingles so I thought I would do one of the jobs that I just hate... Installing the fiberglass insulation. When I start messing around with that stuff I start to sneeze and itch and have a hard time breathing to the point that I leave the area for a while... Just hate that stuff!!! Got it finished and took a shower to get rid of all the loose fibers that I know I was carrying. Now on to the plywood covering. The ceiling is now finished on the inside (except for some moldings and a little paint). The dark area at the end shows how much I raised the roof...
7-14-2013 Reconstruction - Stage 2e It took about a week to get the shingles. Then it took 3 days to cut/fit and nail them in place. The two skylights meant every shingle had to be cut with tin snips... very hard on the hands! I have this job listed under "Small Projects but it turned out to be anything but...
The raccoons may come back to visit but they will not find a place to sleep!!! Put a fork in this one. It is done!!!
Rear Deck Resurface Project (7-29 to 8-6)
7-29-13 I have a couple of projects that I have been putting off for a while. I have started one of them to take advantage of the great weather and because I have been hounded to get it done (names withheld to protect the guilty). First thing that had to be done is to pressure wash the wood. Next I used my belt sander to flatten the surface where some of the boards were cupped and some of the joints were rough. Last I applied a new product from the Home depot called "deck over". It is supposed to extend the life of old decks and even fill in cracks as much as 1/4 inch wide. It is a bit pricey but I figure it is cheaper than replacing the deck. First section is done.
resurface 1
8-3-13 I applied a 2nd coat to the first section to fill in some of the cracks. I am now working on washing the larger section of the deck. It is amazing how much dirt and mildew comes off with the pressure washer. You will notice in the background what must be done. I think I will be washing for a couple of days.
Resurface 2
8-4-13 Have completed the washing, sanding, and coating of the 2nd section. I will put the 2nd coat on it in the morning before it gets hot. I have washed an area behind the plants on the deck so that I can coat it and move the plants back in place so that I can wash the rest of the deck.
8-6-13 I have washed, sanded, and put the first coat of material on the last part of the deck. I will be able to give this last section a second coat tomorrow.
At this point I think I will put a fork in it and call it done!!!
Deck resurface 4
Front Deck Resurface (8-16 to 8-22)
8-16-2013 Well I just thought I was finished with the resurfacing project. The back deck turned out so well that I decided to do the front deck also even though it is cedar and looked great after pressure washing even with no finish on it. It does however have some age cracks showing up so I decided to make both decks look the same. I have sanded it and am in the process of applying the deck coating. It must dry for at least 6 hours so I will not be able to put the second coat on it until tomorrow.
Front deck - 1
8-16-2013 I have applied both of the required coats of the "Deck Over" and now I have to wait for 72 hours for it to cure. At that time I can move all the deck furniture and plants to the center and start on the part of the deck they are setting on now. At this point i think I will call it finished.
Front Deck part 1
Time To Close Out This Year.......
Quite stuff like cleaning all the nails and staples from the old rafters and sheeting