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Garden Observation Platform

3-3-2014 Well winter has kept me inside for quite a while now. This gave me an opportunity to do some thinking. I have done all I can to the house so I thought there must be something outside I can build. While working in the garden clearing out some of mess left over from winter I happened to look at the large tree on the corner of the garden. The interior and left side of the tree had very few limbs due to the hedge just to the right of it. Some of my inside time was spent watching a TV show called "Tree House Masters" where this guy and his crew go all around the US building tree houses. Well it did not take long for those two pieces of information to get together in my brain and I thought "How about a garden platform?". Just 8' high would provide a complete view of the gardens and an unobstructed view of Puget Sound. Time for some design work. Below is what I have in mind
The Vision

3-12-14 Stage one is complete. The board that is against the tree is the index point and must be installed very accurately in order for the rest of platform to fit properly. This task took 3 days (in between rain sessions). Next installed are the two front support posts and the perimeter boards. This completes the floor framing. Finally is the installation of the floor joists. Next will come the flooring.

3-21-14 Have only been able to work on the platform between rain storms. I have however been able to complete the flooring and the stairs/ladder.
In the photo below you can see that it is hard to identify the platform from the street. The 2nd photo is from within the garden.
3-30-14 The platform construction is finished. Floor has been painted and still noot too obvious from the street.. There is also an added benefit under the platform... a great place to put my planting table, wheel barrow, and other garden supplies.

This is the view from the platform...

At this point I think I can put a fork in this one!!!

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